Who We Are

Innovative Marketing Solutions

CIH Media Group aims to revolutionize the advertising and marketing industry through its innovative, data-driven, and gamified platform while providing income opportunities for partnering with struggling Americans. CIH Media platform provides the local forgotten Struggling Americans, hard-working entrepreneurs, and go-getters who partner to earn money while empowering their community. CIH Media Group’s platform strives to provide unbiased, fact-based, informative, investigative, and community-pertinent information to urban and rural communities. 

CIH is important because, according to the United Way ALICE Project (Asset Limited, Income Strained, Employed), in 2018, 51 million American Households, 43% of American Households, were struggling to afford necessities. America has become a more violent, stressful, and unhealthy country primarily because of the number of Struggling Working Americans not being able to meet basic needs. One might wonder if financial stress should be considered a national epidemic. CIH Media believes, based on medical studies, financial stress can lead to Heart Disease/Attack, Gastrointestinal Problems, Weight Gain/Loss, Eating Disorders, Diabetes, Insomnia, Psoriasis, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, and Substance Abuse.

Community Info Hubs (CIH) are the backbone for programs and practical solutions designed to revitalize urban cores and embrace rural America while partnering with Suburban America. Historically, barber shops, daycares, hair salons, and mom-and-pop restaurants are gathering places for food and beauty. Still, CIH Media utilizes them to share information and provide fellowship, mentorship, and training. 

Leadership Team


Seeing What's Not There

They provide inspiration and motivation for each team member.



They are the minds that work 24/7 and believe they know it all but are willing to learn more—one of three divisions of the CIH investigative reporting team



Intellectual individuals connect what many think is the non-connectable—two of the three divisions of the CIH investigative reporting team.



Marketers are the trendsetters of acquisition, communication, customer satisfaction, and value proposition—three of the three divisions of the CIH investigative reporting team.

Unique Value Propositions


CIH develops its audience through two types of listeners: Zip Code and Baton Listeners. Listeners can participate in CIH on-demand services by listening to An Hour of Power, attending Virtual Town Halls, and listening to commercials. Their participation allows them to participate in polls, surveys, and pop quizzes for an opportunity to receive incentives such as mortgage/rent payments, scholarships, college loan payments, and automobile and insurance payments. The most critical value of CIH Media is listening, learning, retaining, and sharing pertinent information with your family, friends, and community.

A Zip Code listener is an individual who lives in a specific geographical location and wants to stay in the know within their community about resources, opportunities, and crime rates. CIH leadership educates Zip Code Listeners on how various data can cause them to pay higher rates on necessities such as insurance, loans, and groceries.

A Baton listener is an individual who purchased a CIH Baton for $9.99 per month. Baton Listeners understand that people perish for their lack of knowledge and accept the responsibility and honor of passing the Baton. “Passing of the Baton” means sharing resourceful and impactful information based on current issues and events with their loved ones and community.  Each Baton picked up supports restoring communities.


CIH Media Group’s mission is to support communities holistically by providing trusted information and assisting in tackling societal issues. 

We are developing 16- to 25-year-olds into community activators and training them in customer service, hospitality, understanding public notice, local fund appropriations, city annual budgets, and bonds.

Provide a solid foundation through training to reduce and prevent crime in large cities.