Community Info Hubs

Keeping in the Know

People suffer from a lack of knowledge because they do not receive valuable information promptly. CIH will keep PEOPLE in the KNOW. Community Info Hubs (CIH) are the backbone for programs and practical solutions designed to revitalize urban cores and empower rural America while partnering with Suburban America. Barbershops, daycares, hair salons, and pop restaurants historically are not only gathering places for food and beauty but are also utilized to share information, provide fellowship, mentor, and provide training. 

Opportunity Through Inclusion


Community Info Hub benefits will provide income opportunities for those in local communities who desire and need additional income. Once communities learn and experience the value of having their limited resources recirculate, hope will restore families and make communities safer.

Grant Opportunities

Grow your business in your community.  CIH partners will provide grant opportunities for the following:


Financial Literacy Training

Business Development

Quick Books Training

Workforce Development

Strengthening Families

Beautification and Community Wealth Building Pilots

Residual Income

Achieve your goals through partnerships.  Residual income opportunities through strategic partners:






Revenue Opportunities

Maximize your immediate space.  Each Certified CIH will be afforded revenue opportunities through:


Leasing Retail Space


Hosting Community Events

CIH Media

Mentoring Hub

CIH Training Center

CIH Radio

Become a CIH Today

Your business must register to qualify for CIH’s benefits. If you own a barber shop, hair salon, daycare, or mom-and-pop restaurant, you can register by completing the online application and paying the $99 monthly commitment fee.

 If you are an employee of a registered  CIH, licensed barber, or hair stylist, you can register as a CIH Affiliate and enjoy many of the CIH benefits. Opportunity Centers of America encourages CIH affiliates to present ideas, products, and services for opportunities in CIH communities. 

Platform Registration

Day Care




Hair Salon






If you an employee at a Day Care, Mom and Pop restaurant or a licensed Barber or Hair Stylist you can participate as a CIH agent.

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Traditionally this group of businesses have been overlooked for opportunities but remained within their community to provide much need services.